IELI is not just an English institute; it's an experience

IELI has been offering challenging English Programs on the campus of Flinders University since 1995. Our teaching and service staff are committed to helping each student improve his or her English and have an exciting personal overseas learning experience.

At IELI, students are placed separately into classes according to their ability in speaking, listening, reading and writing. If your listening is better than your speaking, you will be placed in a higher listening class and a lower communication skills class. In this way, each class is the best learning environment for each student.

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Intensive English Study

IELI strives to create an energetic learning community, and we encourage students to communicate with their teachers and classmates to learn together and to help all students reach their full potential. With students from over 30 countries, IELI provides the opportunity to learn about the world while learning English.

IELI classes are challenging to enable students to achieve their goals as quickly as possible, but we also create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, so that each individual can enjoy their studies.

Students can choose from the following course options:
  • General English (Levels 0-7)
  • English for Academic Preparation (EAP) (Levels 0-7)*
  • English for Business Studies (Levels 4-6)*
  • English for Health Studies (Levels 6-7)*
  • English for Health Studies + OET (Levels 6-7)

*These pathway courses meet the English requirements of Flinders University and our other pathway providers.

students at flinders

E-Learning and Study Tours

Start learning English before coming to Australia! IELI offers online English classes which includes a one hour Skype conversation per week with an IELI teacher. Why not add 5 weeks of online learning to your IELI course?

IELI also offers short-term Study Tours for university and professional groups. Each tour is tailored to meet the interests and requirements of each group. Write to IELI for a program proposal for your group.