Courses at Intensive English Language Institute

IELI is dedicated to working with students to provide the highest quality of English language education and service possible. IELI’s curriculum leads students step by step from the very beginning level to proficiency level in each skill area.

IELI provides permanent employment to teachers so our teachers are committed to IELI quality and service. They create lessons on topics of interest, so that students can expand their thinking while learning and practicing English. Experienced and committed teachers result in high quality, creative lessons which follow an organised step-by-step curriculum for student success.

Students in all courses study 22 required hours per week (6 hours speaking, 6 hours listening, 10 hours reading and writing).

Students also have the opportunity to take two extra classes per week for no extra charge. The extra classes change each session depending on students’ interests and needs. Currently, our additional course options include:

  • Conversation Groups with university students
  • Pronunciation
  • Intensive Speaking for Accuracy
  • Grammar in Speaking and Writing
  • Current Events Listening and Discussion
  • Practice for Standardised Tests

Students can choose the best course for their future from the five courses listed below.

*These courses prepare students for study in university courses in various topic areas. Our pathway programs meet the entry requirements for the following institutions:

  • Flinders University and Flinders International Study Centre*
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Adelaide Branch)*
  • University College London (Adelaide Branch)*
  • International College of Hotel Management*
  • Kaplan Business College
  • University of South Australia
  • Latrobe University (Melbourne)

*Students can package IELI courses with these universities under the streamlined visa packaging program.